There were a few moments last night when a look washed across Gwen Stefani’s face —  when she and Snoop were talking about Inglewood on stage, when she was being interviewed on the red carpet — that seemed to say, “sweet grunge revival, I am too old for this shit.” And at that moment, I felt a connection between myself and Gwen flourish and grow in a way it hasn’t since the days when I was in college and we used a pertinent clip from “Spiderwebs” on our outgoing voice message. And so it brings me EXTRA delight to tell you that she looked awesome last night:

This is totally fun, and she looks fun in it, without looking: desperate, weird, sleazy, naked, inappropriately dressed for the occasion, too old, too young, too hot, too cold, too too, too anything. Learn from her, youngsters.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]