I know this will enrage everyone and get the Beygency on my ass, but I think that, deep down, I just don’t care about Beyonce at the same level that everyone else seems to care about Beyonce.  And I kind of feel like even BEYONCE currently is kind of like, “meh, you guys. I’m sort of over me right now. Let’s talk about Big Brother!” because both of her red carpet outfits from last night are right out of Beyonce 101 and what you might costume a Beyonce Celebrity Impersonator in — a REALLY GOOD impersonator, the Champagne of impersonators, but still.

That said, I am not made of stone and when Jay-Z brought Blue Ivy up on stage to give Beyonce her Nobel Prize, and she CLAPPED and said “YAY MOMMMY” I basically just about died, because it was the cutest. Hey, maybe I feel about Blue Ivy the way other people feel about Beyonce. If you missed that, by the way, we have footage after the jump:

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I mean, come on. THAT CHILD IS CUTE.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet, AKM/GSI]

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