I feel  like the first thing Pink must have thought when she saw Miley Cyrus’s hair was, “Really? REALLY?!? Okay, FINE, but if anyone walks up to me and tells me they loved me in The Last Song I am going to PUNCH THEM.”

The thing is, though, Pink somehow carries it off with an authority that Miley hasn’t mustered yet. Maybe that comes from the fact that Pink writes some of the best shout-it-in-your-car anthems ever, and Miley just shouted an anthem about how she shouts OTHER people’s good anthems in the car. It’s a step removed and a step behind, you know?

And yet, Pink’s dress, while empirically unoffensive, bores me a wee. Is that terrible? I love gunmetal, and it’s sparkly, and the longer I look at it the less I am bothered by it, but: Pink is so much more interesting than this, right? It doesn’t have the personality that its wearer does. Maybe she figures if she’s brimming with it, then her outfit shouldn’t, so as not to start some kind of nuclear charisma reaction. But I kind of want to see some fashion drama from a woman who can then turn around and do this:

The woman can SING while in this position. Live. (I can’t rememeber if she did it last night, but she’s done it before, while wearing less. Seriously, suck it, lip-synchers.) If you are capable of belting it out from the rafters while hanging from a rope in various complicated configurations, then I can’t help it if I find her gunmetal sheath a little bit Zzzzz. She set the coolness bar kind of high. And then HUNG FROM IT.

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