So close, right? Heather and I have been talking about this for the last ten minutes and we can’t quite figure out why it just seems slightly off-key:

Part of the problem might be that it’s hard to tell what is exactly happening with the front of it, thanks to her hair.   Another part of the problem might be that I’m not entirely sure this dress is the right cut for her body. Ke$ha is kind of straight up and down — as am I, so trust me, I feel her on this one (as well as on the wisdom of including James van der Beek in every music video ever made, because if I woke up tomorrow with the ability to sing, trust that I would immediately arrange for him to float into my video. On Dawson’s dock. Openly crying). I think she needs something to give her a little shape, is all.  Perhaps a belt? Although, if she has a belt, this thing is going to be way too short, so maybe she needs a belt AND a couple of inches of fabric.  Maybe she just needs another neckline? Maybe she needs to take up juggling flaming coconuts to distract us. In short: I DON’T KNOW. What do you think? How can we aut0-tune this dress so that she is…wait for it…Pitch Perfect?

*Yes, the post is sponsored, but I promise you that all the opinions are our own. As always.