Per WWD, about this Vetements offering:

[V]egetarian designer Demna Gvasalia continu[ed] his cynical observation of capitalist society at the Champs-Élysées branch of McDonald’s. The show notes — a list reading anatomic flip-flops, kapitalism, clothes 4 rent, and the like — were printed on napkins. Branded (courtesy of a marker pen) paper cups of Coca-Cola awaited guests, a bemused group of McDonald’s staffers taking it all in from behind the counters as the models followed a trail of yellow footprints around the store, some chomping on fries.

Supposedly, this was one in a long line of Vetements shows that pushed an anti-capitalist message, which makes me curious: Don’t they have to license the many logos they’re using on the clothes? And wouldn’t that therefore be playing into the capitalism they despise? Or do we think they’re pilfering them and waiting for The Man to try and stick it to them about it?

[Photos: Imaxtree]