I honestly think this is quite cute. She wore it to some event that Pop Sugar held (and in an Instagram ad for hemp extract, which, good for you, Trudy Campbell — I use CBD lotion for my carpal tunnel! Get that sponsored Insta shot money!). ┬áBut as far as I’m concerned, the whole thing has a Very Successful Maid of Honor vibe, like from a super chic, not-too-fancy-but-still-quite-expensive wedding. One where all the drinks are served with striped paper straws and there are a lot of appetizers on sticks and the guys behind the open bar have hipster facial hair, and you consider making out with your ex-boyfriend but ultimately do not and when you wake up the next morning, you’re super proud of yourself. It’s a good look.

Having said that, I fear I will never truly be able to recognize Blonde Alison Brie at first glance. Can someone please arrange a project where she plays the older sister to Evan Rachel Wood and Rachel Brosnahan, who play twins? You won’t regret it.

[Photo: Kristin Callahan/ACE PICTURES/INSTARimages.com]