First of all, this dog is named Harold Reginald Williams and I’m in love with him. He wants snacks? I ALSO want snacks! Second: This cover is very charming. The dress is cute, she’s cute, and I appreciate that the folks at Cosmo are undercutting the cuteness by reminding us about some new creepy cult (or cult of creeps? Who knows!) there on the bottom corner.

The interview is likewise a very good, smart read (and also shares with us details about Venus’s hotel room chandelier, which sincerely is something I’m interested in knowing more about, as well as her thoughts on the Nu Skin and her anti-acne regime). (The accompanying editorial shoot is pretty great, as well — Cosmo’s interior shoots have really improved over the last few years; I’m not sure if they made a magazine-wide effort to jazz them up but they have a lot more zing lately.) (Am I done with my parenthetical comments now? Too soon to say!) This is really interesting and I hadn’t heard anything about it prior to this profile, somehow:

In March, she launched the privilege tax initiative, which calls on companies to include an option at checkout for customers to donate 19 cents (the difference in earnings per dollar between women and men) for every purchase made. Consider it an extension of what Venus did in the mid-aughts, when she successfully advocated for men and women in tennis to receive equal prize money. “It’s not about the money, but it is about the money, right?” she says. “Those who have money have power. When a woman is in power—when she has finances, equal opportunity—she’s able to influence her life, the lives of other women, and the lives of her family in a way that allows her to be free and equal.”

For real.

[Photo: AB + DM for Cosmopolitan]