Barry Keoghan is the arguable headliner of this Young Hollywood party, on account of being a nominee last year for Banshees of Inisherin and on the short list this year — I assume — for Saltburn. Plus, he’s Having A Moment. His Hot Ones episode was pretty funny, and he’s probably hooking up with Sabrina Carpenter, who is currently out opening for Taylor Swift. Barry Keoghan is the moment, is what I’m saying, so it’s no surprise to see him here. We’ve also got some Yellowjackets, Hunter Schafer, and Charles Melton, who I think got robbed of a nom, so hopefully he is enjoying as many free food-and-drink parties as possible.

I also didn’t realize how BIG this post was going to be? I started writing it, and then new pictures just kept coming and coming. I still probably didn’t get them all and had to just keep it to highlights.

[Photos: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images]