I feel like I’ve never seen Mia Wasikowska look anything but complacent about what she’s wearing.

14th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala - Arrivals
This, to me, says, “I don’t know. All I asked for was something microwave safe… it seemed important at the time.” And it’s true that I could probably put that bodice in my windshield on a summer day and it’d reflect the sun’s rays back outside. Yet for all that’s going on here — the different sheen and textures, the heavy tights — it somehow also manages to be a bit bland. As if it got tired and quit trying in favor of having a glass of vodka at 11 a.m. So the question is, can it be saved? What would you tweak to make this work, or would you ask it to pass the Smirnoff and kick back with Days of our Lives?