Well, as the Bearded Sages once said, she’s got legs and she knows how to use ‘em.

But for my money, that’s way too short (and also I just noticed the giant Band-Aid on her calf, which makes it look like she cut herself shaving, which made me laugh in a sympathetic way — like, that is some unkind timing, there, Universe). I think the entire enterprise would be more flattering, even WITH her fab gams, if it were a few inches longer. Stuffing oneself into the shortest, tightest things around feels very Junior Starlet or She’s Still Got It, and Nina is too famous at this point, I think, for the former, and too young for the latter. She can be less obvious.

Let’s have a gander at the front:

I like both of those patterns; not necessarily together (a view I apparently share with… myself, from back when this was on the runway, when oddly it seems SHORTER than on Nina). I do NOT like the fringe shoulders, particularly, although maybe that’s because there is SO MUCH ELSE happening with this dress that adding navy rain is overkill. And again: too short, go up a size, your waxer is your business, etc. What would you do to this to make it better, Fug Nation? Do you think it’s perfectly groovy as it is, or would you pick one pattern? Make it longer? Make it A LOT longer? Rip off the shoulder lashes? Improve her makeup, which seems too Rosy Daytime for that dress? Sharpen your fangs and have at it like a vampire after a bloodless sleep.

[Photo: Splash]

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