Something about this movie, Demolition, clearly makes Naomi reach for the ruffles. She wore this fluttery Balmain to the movie’s premiere in Toronto in September, and now that it’s being released wide, here’s what she picked:

I think… for me this is such a pretty, romantic idea. But the color underneath the ruffles, which we can see around the waistband, feels like such a muddy mint shade. And I don’t like how obvious and distracting the triangular seam is there where the ruffle attaches. Staring at how it’s put together takes the lightness out of it for me — I complain about this with satin a lot, for example, because some fabrics just show the work more than others. And I want fashion to be more transportive than that.

I also am not sure the one that’s flapping over her boobs is all that flattering. It might even be… droopening. The shoulder pieces, though, are nice? Sigh. Like with so many things, I guess, I have notes. What are yours?

[Photo: Getty]

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