I think Elizabeth Olsen sneaks into her sisters’ rooms at night and steals all their smiles. She is never anything less than pleasant, and the twins hoard their grins like they’re cans of Raid and the bug apocalypse is coming.


I also think this is a totally charming dress, winged sleeves and all. She’s been in so much futuristic-looking white lately that something this bright — and with a whiff of vintage about it — feels like a bracing spring breeze. Or maybe that’s the Santa Ana winds raging outside my window right now, but let’s assume it’s a zephyr of her making.

And now let’s get to the part where we engage in unsubstantiated gossip:


Wouldn’t these two be SMOKING HOT together? It’s a rare few people in this world who bathe themselves day in and day out with the foxy one-percent. So MAKE THE MOST OF IT, you two. Get naughty.

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