This isn’t a scrolldown, exactly, but I definitely like it better when I can only see half of it.

The colors and the fabric are so cool, and stunning with her coloring. I envisioned it being long, maybe completing the vintage robe/lush Lady Mary kind of feel. (Also, Lush Lady Mary Feels are what I am hoping Matthew Goode will bring to Downton Abbey this season, nudge-nudge, NO SPOILERS, FUG NATION UK.)

Let’s visit the full view:

I don’t even think it needed to go all the way down, but I do think this is too short. It strikes me as a Juniors Department choice — I mean, it’s almost more of a very elegant coat — for something that might’ve looked more sophisticated if it were knee-length, or maybe even tea length. I’m also not sure the shoes are anything but a safety play (although I’m not necessarily angry at them either). Help me, Fug Nation. Am I missing something, or do we collectively Have Notes?


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[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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