I think Lena’s pixie cut looks better on the magazine cover than it does in life.

But maybe it’s just that she needs a stronger lipstick. I can’t decide. As far as the outfit goes, the blue shoes are REALLY cute (and play off the back of the dress, which is solid, in that shade), and the pattern on the frock is funky too. I almost love it, but have reservations about whether the sleeve length is the best choice on her, and… Is it just me, or do those pixies work better on people with immaculate posture? I don’t mean that as a knock — I have terrible posture, from all this sitting and typing; it is what it is — but rather that having no hair basically means you have nowhere to hide, so even a fractional slump can end up looking much slouchier than it actually is. It’s a trick of physics or something, and that can drag down an outfit as fast as the garment itself.

Thoughts? Keep the cut, swap or tweak the dress? Keep the dress, plug in a wig? Take two lipsticks and call me in the morning? Discuss.

[Photo: Getty]