I expected to eyeroll this, but… well, I still am a little, but mostly affectionately.

Don’t get me wrong: The fact that it’s a dressed-up leotard is still frustrating, and I’m baffled as ever by the fact that somehow Gwyneth’s head never seems to be going to the same place as the rest of her. She is always a minimum of 87 percent daytime from the neck up, and as a result she’s getting lost in this gown in a way Cate Blanchett never would. Or even Chloe Sevigny. (Hell, now I really do want to see it on Sevigny.) But at the same time… look, I might whack the ruffled sleeves, and would definitely prefer that the skirt didn’t rely so much on her thighs for its design. But I can’t help finding it appealingly entertaining that there is a giant flower languidly snacking on GOOP’s chest. Like the plants are finally fighting back, as attractively as they know how.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]