So, here’s the thing about this outfit:

If it were Mischa Barton — or even Paris Hilton — up here with the crispy unbleached hair and the heavy boots with a flowy tunic, I have a feeling I’d be all, “Wow, you look like one of the teachers at my elementary school in the ’80s, ordering us to do a report on fabric using the Encyclopedia Caftannica.”

But since Evan Rachel Wood doesn’t have quite such a depressing history of fug (excepting that whole time when she tried to turn herself into Dita Von Teese), for some reason I am feeling more open-minded. For instance, it’s not really that caftan-adjacent. Would ditching the boots be enough to make this feel Olsen Twin On A Break From Her Cauldron? Would she need to hem it? Or was my initial instinct right, and we should call the school and try to explain to them that the Encyclopedia Caftannica is not appropriate reading material for a student until he or she is prepping for a master’s degree in The History of Voluminous Sleeves?