First order of business: Diane Kruger has joined Instagram (@dianekrugerperso), and is not opposed to posting photos of Pacey. I consider this a public service announcement.


Second: This dress is mostly cute, but I can’t decide what I would tinker with to sell it harder. I don’t think the shin window adds any particular romance to this, as usual — but honestly, I think what’s throwing me more is the upper-arm loops. They’re heavy enough that they make any tinkering I want to do with the skirt turn into something frumpy. Like, if I shorten the skirt, suddenly the loops become LOOPS. They are The Feature. And I’m not sure if I want that. Ditto if I lengthen the skirt. I MIGHT cut off the loops? And then hem the skirt where the slip stops. Or, just fully line it. Or even leave it. The moral of this story is, I am indecisive, and can’t remember where I’ve seen those Dior shoes before. Please send help on both counts.

Oh, but before you vote, some unfinished business:

Mmm. Business.

But back to DK:

  • Leave it (15%, 358 Votes)
  • De-loop it (15%, 376 Votes)
  • De-loop it and change the skirt somehow (38%, 927 Votes)
  • JUST change the skirt (17%, 420 Votes)
  • Just change. (15%, 362 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,443

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