THIS is why I don’t ever wear ponytails.

Because I always want to THINK it’s swishing around back there, all kicky and perfect, but in reality it looks like sad workout fluff sagging down too low, and is DEFINITELY not shiny.Team Garner wins at this one simple thing.

But what about THIS simple thing?

I actually think she looks great. She’s playing a mom in a kids’ movie, so she kept it totally simple — this almost says, “I know I’m famous and in this movie, but this premiere and even this movie isn’t really about me,” which is kind of sweet actually — and then used a sexy mani/pedi, a great purse, and some bracelets to give it a little glamour.  I’m on board. It’s the Julia Roberts approach, except without any fear of a jumpsuit that will inspire a terrifying book called Mommy Has Two Crotches.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]