Well, there’s no arguing with Zoe’s face.

She’s very pretty. So pretty, in fact, that she elevates almost anything she wears. I say almost, because frequently I am very tempted to love her outfits even when they look — as this does — like a half-cocked bartender is mixing up a shot he calls the Krystle Carrington Streep. And just I was getting ready to climb on board with this, figuring it was a very modern-looking take on a potentially stuffy silhouette, I thought, “Well, but let’s at least look at the front.” Note to self: Always look.

And suddenly her crotch has become Nicodemus from The Secret of NIMH. Even Mrs. Brisby is thinking, “Yeah, he was venerable and all, but his face is not an outfit.”

How would you fix it? Aside from giving it a shave. OR WOULD YOU? (I would.) (I suspect Nicodemus would too.) (Because he is probably ALSO thinking, “Yeah, I’m venerable and all, but my face is not an outfit.”)

[Photos: WENN.com]



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