I love Sandra Bullock, but I feel like I have been seeing ads for Our Brand Is Crisis for two months or something, and I’m BEYOND ready for it to come out already (as, I suspect, is she, because so far reviews are not great). At ay rate, Sandra was on with Jimmy Fallon last night and I am still excessively fond of her as a human. Less so what she has wrapped that human form in:

For me, it’s a fairly simple fix: I want to hack off the knee tutu. Doesn’t it look better if you imagine that away? The Frankenstein’s Monster quality to the white parts doesn’t bother me; it’s fun, and hell, it’s Halloween, so it doesn’t get more apt. The mesh back could work on its own. But then suddenly her shins are the black swan, and it’s even fighting what the shoes are doing a bit.

I really need the number of her facialist, though. I am too cheap to get facials, obviously, especially one with whatever pricey expert is allowed to touch hers. But just to know I HAD it would give me hope.

[Photos: Fame/Flynet]