I was going to put this up to a vote and then I talked myself out of it:

The more I look at it, the more I feel like Paula Patton can — and should — be dressing better than this, and better, in fact, than she has been for most of this press tour. This dress is totally fun, yes. This is sassy. This is also VERY young. If Selena Gomez showed up wearing this, or Katy Perry, I wouldn’t bat an eye. But Paula Patton is thirty-six years old — and trust me, I don’t think that’s OLD HAG TIME, or anything, especially given as that is how old I am myself — and I think it might do her career more good if she were showing up at Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol That’s A Terrible Place For  A Colon looking super sophisticated and mega-chic, rather than like Taylor Swift’s lost back-up dancer. If I were given a magical wand and tasked with fixing it, I think I’d start by changing the color palate. Imagine this in, say, a variety of neutral metallics. It could work. What would you do? Have at it in the comments!

[Photo: Getty]