Heather and I — continuing a grand tradition of watching only really ridiculous, Guilty Pleasure movies on planes — took in a double feature of Monte Carlo and then What’s Your Number on the flight to New York yesterday. I learned several things from these movies: a) I kind of get Chris Evans now, b) regardless, What’s Your Number is terrible and bordering on offensive, c) both Leighton Meester and Katie Cassidy can pretty much sell anything. They both nailed Monte Carlo, which is adorable but feels like a TV movie. Seriously, there’s a reason Blair is the star of Gossip Girl. First, she’s the most interesting character, but also, Leighton is truly talented and surprisingly subtle. Which might be why her people are trying to sabotage her:

Why else would you put your girl in a prime position to have drunk people stagger up to her and pet her thighs all night?

What do you think? Can this be fixed? Does it NEED to be fixed? Please put on your stylist shoes and get to work.