Oh, no no no, girl. No.

It’s just not working. Not least because of the shoes — those are so heavy that she might as well be shuffling around with her feet strapped to some barbells. But I’m not totally sure if this could be salvaged by our brain stylists, or if it just needs to go out with the Salvation Army bag. What if the skirt were black, and floor-length? Or a black pencil cut, maybe a touch shorter, and she kept the shoes? Or if the skirt was solid, she used different shoes, and still hemmed it a wee? Or would you lose the top part? What if the blouse were white? Cut slightly less International House of Boobcakes at the neck? And is the hair too severe for this, or would that work if we monkeyed with everything else?

All I know for sure is, this feels like a big old mess. Oscar is looming, girl, and so is our judgment. PLEASE just go relax for three days and then hire Emma Stone’s stylist to close the deal.

[Photo: Getty]