Somehow, we missed this… well, okay, not somehow. I know exactly how. Fug Madness is all-consuming, and as January trotted this out, we were in the throes of writing first-round matchups (sigh, remember that? We were so innocent then).

I wonder how I would have felt about this without the fins. I mean, isn’t an LBD that’s particularly L around your abdomen enough? Did she have to add thigh hankies? Or is she hiding some highly unusual femur nostrils that are prone to rotten spring colds?

Put on your Rachel Zoe muumuus, Fug Nation, and get to work: Is nixing the extra folds enough to save this, or does the bodice also feel too dated, or mod, or modly dated, or datedly mod? Mold her. Shape her. Scold her. Fete her. Whatever you need to do.

[Photo: Getty]