I keep thinking that thing around her neck is a dandruff catcher.

Not that such a thing really exists, although it could; it just strikes me as having been draped across her shoulders for the purpose of protecting her shoulders from debris, be it from makeup or the heartbreaking pain of dry scalp. I keep waiting for someone to sneak in there and remove it so that we can see what the real top of the dress looks like. At first I thought it was fairly lively; then I wondered if it was worth a conversation about whether the sleeves and the frock itself needed to be in more harmony, and now that I’m staring at it, something about the waist is making her boxy and the entire THING gives off the vibe that she’s slouching even though I don’t believe that is true. Posture is hard enough without the clothes actively working AGAINST you.

I also want to burn the shoes, but I say that about 70 percent of celebrities these days. You could write that complaint in your sleep.

[Photo: WENN]