This photo charmed me. She looks so endearingly square, like she’s on her way home from the soda shoppe, where she very nearly made eye contact with a boy who came to her table and haltingly told the floor under his feet that her sweatervest reminds him of his grandmother (which is a compliment because he really loves her, and every year she knits him a new one one). This also may have happened at Mark Darcy’s parents’ turkey curry buffet. But it DEFINITELY happened and there was definitely blushing involved. Parenthetically, why haven’t I investigated Christmas sweatervests yet?!? I have a truly hideous Christmas sweater that is SO comfortable (and hideous) but in Los Angeles I could only ever wear it (hideously) for short stretches of time before it got too hot. SEASONAL SWEATERVESTS ARE THE ANSWER. Thank you, Jennifer.

I am a bit more vexed about this non-festive choice:

Jennifer Garner out and Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California, USA - 17 Dec 2020

I am fairly sure that this is a sweater promoting the use of the vaccine, and that those are syringes. But for a slightly-too-long wild ride of my afternoon, I thought those were phallic Empire State Buildings fanning out around — and in one case, plunging into — a vaginal opening. I am in favor of the message of getting the Covid shots, but I wonder if this is actually any cuter in person, or if it STILL looks like a bunch of stabby phallic skyscrapers dancing around an orifice. I am, however, content never to know.

[Photos: Shutterstock]