In 2014, Freida Pinto had two very good days in a row. Well, on a sartorial level. I hope she ALSO enjoyed them personally — that she woke up, wrapped herself in a fluffy hotel robe, ate room-service breakfast on a balcony overlooking La Croisette while a light late-spring breeze tickled the hair tendrils she’d scooped up into a topknot, hugged a lot of people, enjoyed the movies, ate a lot of French food and sampled the bubbly, and packed up to leave with the bittersweetly content feeling that comes after a perfect trip. You know, the one where you think it’s possible you could have lived inside it forever.

But fashion-wise, she absolutely crushed it in this feathery Michael Kors which she paired with divinely simple but effective head-styling, and this coral Oscar de la Renta:

I think she actually wore this one first, but I decided to end with it.

The color and scroll-work and sculptural elements just felt so unexpected in 2014. If my memory serves, the major red carpets weren’t as experimental as they have slowly become, nor as enamored yet of volume, so Cannes was more of a unique beast in terms of being a traditional red carpet setup (as opposed to the Met Gala) that also lured big fashion drama. It just didn’t feel like you could or would see this anywhere else, which may be why it had so much impact on me at the time. Or maybe I truly am just an absolute pushover when it comes to gold scrollwork and a deep red lip.

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