It was only two years ago that Jane pulled out this extraordinary Mary Katrantzou gown, but I have held it dear ever since, so that counts as “always.” It’s “always” for as long as “always” was possible. The workmanship and the colors are enchanting, and the wearer is profoundly rad. Also, there is a peacock that randomly wanders around my neighborhood. I don’t know where he’s from; he has a name that I’ve seen on NextDoor, but for my own mental health I can’t spend enough time on that app to retain anything, and I can hear him hooting and hollering multiple times a day even though I’ve only seen him twice with my own eyes. “Look! The American peacock,” Liam once cooed, anthropologically, from the backseat as we turned out on our way to school.

What is my point? I don’t have one. I’m in the mood to make cookies. My sourdough starter sucks, but I made a great ham sandwich yesterday with some leftover Muhammara spread. And I loved this dress when I saw it, and it turns out I also have a soft spot for peacocks. Happy Wednesday!

[Photos: Shutterstock]