This turned up while I was hunting and gathering for yesterday’s Nicole Kidman slideshow. I ended up not including it, because she and Ewan McGregor — in town for Moulin Rouge in 2001 — were tromping either to or from a photo shoot. It’s the distinctly unglamorous side of it all: Nicole, in sneakers, having to hoist up all those skirts and clutch them to her while she hauls it up that hill. No golf carts nor PAs fanning her as she goes. Meanwhile, Ewan looks like he hasn’t even noticed.

So, if you’re procrastinating, or looking to rev up your creative juices, let’s have some fun in the comments — imagining a dialogue, maybe, or writing a haiku, or anything else that this photo brings to mind. Like, say…

Pounds and pounds of skirts.
No dirt on the hems but what’s
the bill for sweat stains?

Wish he’d lend a hand
I suppose he’s too busy
Wrangling his huge cuffs

Panting. Sun so bright.
Blasted shirt cuffs so heavy.
No one knows my pain.

Give it a shot! Anything you like.

[Photo: Shutterstock]