I don’t know if Luke “Benedict Bridgerton” Thompson and Harriet “Philippa Featherington” Cains are dating, but they are at the very least very good chums, if this pic is any indication. But I do suspect that, while this union would cause Portia Featherington to faint with glee upon the nearest chaise, Harriet’s outfit would set her blood to such a frothing, roiling boil that she wouldn’t close her eyes for weeks. It is the sartorial equivalent of walking around a party with toilet paper trailing from your shoe, but writ much larger, and as if in fact she slid around the bathroom on her tummy to collect as much as possible.

Elsewhere at the same party, we have an on-screen couple from The Buccaneers, Apple’s attempt to get on the Bridgerton period-piece-with-modern-music bandwagon:

Vanity Fair EE Rising Star Party 2024

Kristine Froseth is in a particularly messy Simone Rocha ripped straight from her Spring 2024 runway, down to the shoes even, and it is devouring her. She has a very naturally sweet and glowy face, and I get wanting to play against that with whatever this villainous ballet situation is, but it’s too strong. And Guy Remmers appears to be wearing a shirt that has its own built-in ascot. That’s… efficient, I guess? It’s honestly not the weirdest thing I’ve seen him wear, so I’m back to focusing on why Froseth’s outfit looks like she’s about to star in an interpretive dance escapade based on Saltburn.

[Photo: Dave Benett/Getty Images]