My first thought upon seeing this photo was, “Is this just a jointly funded Nespresso/Liberty party, or are we about to get a bespoke floral print coffee maker?” The answer seems to be that, yes, it probably was, and, yes, Nespresso and Liberty ARE teasing some kind of collaboration, but haven’t said yet what it will be. I will be disappointed if it’s just mugs. They SHOULD sell skins you can peel and stick to your existing Nespresso machine to make it look like it’s a fancy Liberty one, but something tells me that if the equipment is involved at ALL, they want you to buy a whole new one. We’ll see.

The second question, of course, involved whether all my old control top pantyhose would have been a hot fashion accessory right now, but who am I kidding, I couldn’t have kept them anyway; tights were practically single-use for me. I never met a pair I didn’t rip during a trip to the bathroom. I had several MORE queries, like whether that is an open-front cropped cardigan that zips around Simone’s ribcage and she just added a bra to it, and why her pelvic panel needed a zipper because it looks stretchy, and also what her core regimen is right now. But by tomorrow, we’ll likely have forgotten about all of it except the designer coffee and the abs, which both Simone AND the sponsoring companies can count as a win.

[Photo: Dave Benett/Getty Images]