The Gotham Awards provided a warm-up for January’s awards season. Technically they’re supposed to be for indies, but they found a way to give general achievement awards to things like Barbie and Air, probably in the hope that Margot Robbie would come (she did) and/or that J.Lo and Ben would be there together (negatory).

The categories were mixed gender, and if you are curious,male-identifying performers did not invariably win (which is a common fear when discussing blended nominations). No men were up for Breakthrough Director, and of the three acting awards, one went to Gladstone for Lead — for The Unknown Country; thanks to the commenters for fixing by brain fart on this one — one to Charles Melton for Supporting (May December), and then one to Ali Wong for best performance in a new TV series (Beef). Anyway! Here are the colorful outfits and we’ll get to the all-black ensembles in the next post.

[Photos: Taylor Hill/FilmMagic, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Dia Dipasupil/WireImage]