I’d heard tell of Jennifer Garner doing some recent — as in post-Covid— pap walks to rival those of her seemingly drippy ex-husband, but we didn’t have any of them in our sources until today. To recap, we had Ben and Ana de Armas doing a lot of aggressive posing and Ben taking a selfie with a stranger — a request easily politely denied or handled using forced perspective while still observing six-feet-apart — followed by a much better outing, but one which does appear to have included a stop at Dunkin’ Donuts, and I don’t trust it was distantly handled. And now we get Jennifer taking the entire crew on a walk (and with a stroller, with… something in it? A dog that decided to nap? Bread to deliver to a neighbor? Rocks?), with Seraphina and Violet playfully sparring and Samuel seeming very laser-focused on his cargo. (Their faces were not blurred, suggesting that Team Garner — in case we hadn’t already realized this — was fine with them being captured, and there’s no way those kids weren’t also fully aware this was going to happen.)

Is this going to be the plot for the ENTIRE next month? Are we in the Season of Pap-Walk Sparring? For every nuzzle, will we get a return shot from Jen of her being as humble a parent as can be, making sure her children get fresh air with nobody in sight that’s not in her isolation bubble? Listen, I am always going to be Team Garner. But I feel like the answer in this situation, as much as I enjoy the petty poking at each other, is to leave it alone, delete the paps from your speed dial, and continue letting Ben get tangled up in his own rope.

Also: For some reason I totally knew Violet was a Ravenclaw, but it’s nice to have that confirmed. Seraphina there looks like a sassy (as opposed to evil) Slytherin in the making, I think, and I’m pegging Samuel as a strong silent Gryffindor type. They’re a cute mix of their parents.

[Photo: Shutterstock]