FYI: The rest of the photos from this engagement of Maxima’s — she went to the Red Cross — do show that everyone is standing very far apart. Having said that — and you know that I love her — at this point in history, I really don’t think she needs to go places. The Red Cross doesn’t need someone to raise their global profile and I’m sure they’ve got a lot to do right now. She can promote them on social media without taking her driver and security people out. Great cape, though — and I’m glad that it seems like Victoria and Daniel have seemingly stopped doing engagements, especially given that (as many of you pointed out last week), Daniel had a kidney transplant. Just, stay home, y’all. This is what your social media is FOR.

Max and Wax also went to the National Institute for Public Health:

King Willem Alexander and Queen Maxima visit to RIVM Bilthoven, The Netherlands - 03 Apr 2020

I love that coat, and I also feel like we can be confident that Maxima is doing her own hair for these things. (Correctly.)

Anyway! Around these parts, we took a look back at BOTH of Princess Anne’s weddings and it was very entertaining.


This is a few years old, but VERY interesting, at the Straight Dope: How does the Queen answer the phone?

At Town & Country: The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Highlighting the Age of the British Royal Family

This is an hour-long video of Queen Silva talking about her jewels. I couldn’t get the English subtitles to come up but even without them it was soothing.

And in social media:

I love that whoever took this pic made sure to get as much as William’s printer in it as possible:

This is nice:

I see Chaz is a Dick Francis fan:

I saw some glossy mag was gushing over Kate’s priceless books here. Y’all, they’re (CHARMING) Penguin Classics! Anyone can buy these!

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Via @kensingtonroyal: . Self-isolation and social distancing can pose huge challenges to our mental health — in recent weeks The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been in regular contact with organisations and patronages to understand the issues they are facing during this difficult time. . ☎️Last week, The Duke spoke to MIND CEO Paul Farmer, and The Duchess spoke to Catherine Roache, CEO of Place2Be. . In recognition of the unprecedented challenges which the outbreak and extended periods of self-isolation can pose, Public Health England has published new guidance to help support people during the COVID-19 outbreak — visit the link in @kensingtonroyal’s bio to find out more. . On the new guidance, The Duke and Duchess said: • “It is great to see the mental health sector working together with the NHS to help people keep on top of their mental well-being. • By pulling together and taking simple steps each day, we can all be better prepared for the times ahead”. • The Government has also announced a grant for MIND to help fund their services for people struggling with their mental wellbeing during this time. . Public Health England has also updated its world-leading Every Mind Matters platform, with specific advice on maintaining good mental wellbeing during the outbreak. People can also complete a ‘Mind Plan’, a quick and free tool that has already been completed over 1.8 million times.

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This is an amusingly relatable set-up:

The Danes are turning to elegant puffer coats in this time of need:

They’re doing a video meeting here, and also the inside of this house is really good????

NONE knows what six feet looks like. FARTHER APART: