Here’s the short version: Anne first married Mark Phillips, an Olympic gold medalist equestrian, in 1973 (their wedding cake even had a woman on a horse atop it, so horse-y are they). They separated in 1989, but said they weren’t going to get divorced (even though apparently it was an open secret that they were both having affairs), but they did in fact divorce in 1992, and Anne married the person with whom she had been having said affair, Timothy Lawrence — or as I call him, Mr. Princess Anne — the following year. People’s 1989 story about Anne and Tim’s affair is REALLY dishy and also mean and you should DEFINITELY read it.

All these years on, Tim and Anne seem happy — though how would we know?! He does seem lovely though — and for his part, Mark Phillips was proven to have fathered a child whilst he was still married to Anne, then married someone else (not the mother of that child) and had a child with her, then left Wife Number Two for someone MUCH younger, because he claimed he only had five to ten years left to live so he “might as well be happy.” That was in 2012 so I guess he might still be right. (They are still together.)

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