Yes, I am still working my way through the oeuvre of Early Sandra Bullock! In case you missed it, I started with Speed, then obviously moved to Speed II: Why?, and then slid to Practical Magic and now here we are in 2002, and the premieres of Two Weeks Notice, a movie I really liked in 2003 and have not seen since so I have no idea how it’s held up. (I will note that I am a real fan of Hugh Grant As A Sexy Jerk and I seem to recall that is his general vibe in this one as well, albeit a Sexy Jerk Redeemed By Love. Someone tell me if he’s a Sexy Jerk in Paddington II.) Spoiler: I don’t think Sandra liked one of these looks on herself AT ALL. With bonus sightings from SEVERAL fan faves and also my favorite Westwood cookie store.

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