We’ve certainly griped about tennis outfits, but rarely do you hear one of the actual players do it. But during the first round, Bianca Andreescu apparently had issues with wind gusts catching her dress and blowing it up, interfering with her shots; when she asked the umpire for an emergency change and argued that it shouldn’t take away from her allotted breaks, the mic caught her saying, “It’s not my fault, it’s Nike’s fault… this dress is so, so bad.” (I didn’t have a photo available of the dress — this may have been during the warm-up rallies? — but a clip is going around Instagram of her making the request so you can see it there.) Maybe Bianca meant it in a more abstract way, like, “This dress is behaving badly and I need to put it in timeout”? I’m SURE in that moment she was panicking and didn’t think about what she was saying or who would hear. She issued an apology after the match, and hopefully Nike responded by sending her some more shorts.

(PS: If you’re looking for Serena, we covered her — and the celebs who came out to see her — yesterday.)

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