On one hand, watch out, magazines, because Instagram is getting artsy on us — stylists and celebs are hiring photographers at times to capture the outfits they’re wearing for their promotional appearances — and it’s quite fun to see. (I mean, at least there are no more bones about whether Instagram is heavily curated, also.) But take a look at this and tell me you don’t wish you could see Hailee Steinfeld trying to cruise a red carpet in it:

It’s so kooky. It’s hairy pants and a duvet. This outfit is made to be in motion, and the photographer did a really fantastic job creating movement in this photo. It’s legitimately great work. But boy, do I wish I could see the in-between moments, like when she’s hauling it to the next spot on the step-and-repeat, pausing to try and arrange it — or, not even, and just letting it fall wherever it does.

This Versace getup is very pretty and refreshing, and it made me want to see a photo of her twirling in it. Blessedly, they took care of that — it’s the second slide.

This is from before New Year’s Eve, so I don’t completely know what she was wearing it for or to, but it’s hilarious. Having just wandered down memory lane with Dynasty, it has a real nighttime soap attitude to it. This woman can hurl a martini with pinpoint accuracy and then turn right around and do a clean no-look grab of a new one out of someone’s hand.

This Miu Miu just kind of looks like she’s hanging around her back yard in expensive long underwear. Which… I mean, honestly, who among us isn’t doing that already or wanting to, right? What even are clothes anymore?