Last night’s dress was fascinating and creative and a little weird and also glorious. There is something perfect about wearing a dress with a Ferris wheel on it when you’re nominated for a show about a theme park. (And, if I may: I watched all of Westworld, and ultimately, it is a show that is not for me. But! She is so amazingly good on it. I just want someone to make a supercut every Monday morning of everything that happens to Maeve, and that’s it.)

The dress she wore to the Producer’s Guild Awards on Saturday night, on the other hand, was like what you’d get if Party City and Cirque du Soleil had a baby:

The 28th Annual Producers Guild Awards in La

Somewhere in an alternate universe, Mrs Brady just sighed. “I’ve been looking for something to wear to that key party next week.”

[Photos: Getty, Fame/Flynet]