This, as you can see, is from the Dior collection where they decided the thing to do is be more like Jockey underpants — truly a first for a couture house. Someone tweeted us during the show to ask if Kate Hudson was wearing her usual cut-to-the-waist look, and honestly, I WISH. Instead she looks as if her chest was run over by a child’s toy monster truck and then someone pinned a remembrance corsage to her. Then again, given that it’s twenty percent cheap sports bra and twenty percent booty shorts, Lady Fabletics might be this gown’s perfect mate. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a doomed marriage; just that, oh, man, thank God this is off Jennifer Lawrence’s list now. Thanks for taking the hit on this one, Kate.

kate Hudson

She seems more than happy to have done it. Everyone wins.

[Photo: Getty]