You know what they say. First comes love, then come marriage, then comes….

Making out in public…and then, eventually, after the Olympics and traveling and traveling some more and then some more official royal blah blah blah, FINALLY, baby. Yes, the heir to the throne has arrived, and it’s a boy! Per the Palace press release, the new prince was delivered at 4:24 pm London time, and he weighs 8lb and 6oz. HUZZAH TO ALL.

So exciting! I can’t wait to see the avalanche of baby-related swag that the UK is about the unleash on us; baby faces on mugs and tea towels and cookie jars and handkerchiefs. And, of course, for the endless stream of pictures of Uncle Harry canoodling this kid at various events. And while we wait for Wills and Kate to reveal themselves, and their son — which is due to happen maybe even tomorrow, and which of course we shall cover — let’s take a look back at, well, everything that’s led up to this blessed event. Mazel tov, you two crazy kids. Because I’m sure you’re reading this right now.

– Here’s a round up of all our Royal Wedding coverage, including our sleep-deprived liveblog.

– Here’s a round-up of all of Kate’s maternity wear. (Except I forgot to include this, the capper on the entire shebang.)

– Let’s revisit the Olympics!

– And that time they went to the Far East!

– And the Queen’s Jubilee!

– Hey, remember when they went on that tour of the US and Canada? That was fun.

– Or that time Newsweek lost its mind and made that insane cover pretending Diana was alive? You are in bad taste, Newsweek.

– Or, for the completists among us, here’s their entire archive. Not a coatdress has passed without our scrutiny!

Hooray for babies!