I enjoy that Ashley Blaine Featherson, in the middle, clearly loved yesterday’s orange shoes so much that she wore them again, ACCOMPANYING OUTFIT BE DAMNED. Antoinette on the left looks super cute, and Logan is serving up a little professional kitsch; I am less into the satin suit, but the lips pattern is whimsical, and… listen, in the middle of writing that last sentence (as I type, it’s Wednesday night), I found out that I got called for jury duty Thursday — I will be sitting there tragically while you read this — AND that they’d changed it from the most convenient courthouse 10 minutes away to one that’s going to take me 90 minutes to get to in the morning (and at least that long to get home when we’re done). There are a lot of factors at play that make this problematic, so… it’s 11 p.m. as I write this. I have to go to bed! I have to pack my bag, y’all. I have to charge my devices and gather my plugs. Justice waits for no blogger.

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