The Americans finally broke through at the last Emmy Awards, most deservedly, but everyone is throwing For Your Consideration bashes now and Lord knows the academy giveth and taketh away. I will be very disappointed if it’s shut out again, because it’s such a taut, well-done show that does a beautiful job with the complexities of its situation: Are you rooting for the heroes, or the villains, and which is which?

So, Emmy voters: DO IT. I mean, just look at them. Keri Russell might be spying on you RIGHT NOW, and you do not want to tangle with her. And seeing Matthew Rhys out of his wigs, and not stressing out about poisoned grain, or whatever, reminds you of how good he is when all those things are in play. Keri Russell may here be wearing the skeptical face of Elizabeth Jennings, but she also has to play coy and flirty and warm and sympathetic when she’s conning her marks. And on the show you do not have to squint at her and wonder if she’s wearing the love child of a blouse and a lobster bib, which is an added bonus. But you DO often catch yourself thinking that all the ’80s clothes look really good on her, which is the Keri Russell fashion alchemy at work, and which is why even with another less-than-stellar top on she still looks awesome. In sum: The Americans should win, or at least be nominated for, all the things, and we should enjoy its lap around the circuit while we can because once it ends next season she might retreat to her foxhole again.

This post doesn’t really have an ending. It’s Friday afternoon. Quality control is low.

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