Greetings and welcome to a Royals Round-Up that’s hosted by the Fug Girl who doesn’t ever do them. Jess is on a much-deserved mini-break, and so chronicling the shenanigans of the anointed has fallen to me.

It was a quiet week, royals-wise, on GFY itself:

And elsewhere:


On the social media front, Wills got to present the F.A. Cup to Arsenal, which I imagine was delightful for him unless he harbors a private vitriol against the team:

I wish we could get him to come present the Stanley Cup.

And Queen Rania is as elegant as ever in the above photo, though I have concerns about this one:

Those sleeves look like scrunchies.

The Dutch royal family hasn’t used its Insta to chronicle Maxima’s travels nearly as much as I’d like, but we do have some pictures of her in Vietnam:

I LOVE that she wore fully open flat sandals. There’s just something so NORMAL about not giving a shit whether you get dirt on your feet.

And finally, yesterday was the anniversary of Anne Boleyn’s coronation…

… which surely did not lead to the ending for which she’d hoped.

[Photos: Getty, WENN, Backgrid]