I really enjoyed season 1 of The Afterparty, which centers on Dave Franco’s popstar character being killed at their high-school reunion afterparty, and Tiffany Haddish investigating. Each episode follows a different character’s telling of the evening — intermixed with stuff that’s happening post-murder — in a way that parodies a film genre (romcom, Fast & Furious, etc.), and I’m very happy they picked it up for a second go-round. It doesn’t premiere until July 12, but the actors may go on strike next week if they don’t make a deal with the AMPTP by the end of tomorrow, so I bet they’re getting their parties and publicity in while they’re sure they can. If you love Sam Richardson, definitely check it out; if you like Dave Franco, he’s good in it, and if you are neutral to negative on him, then you’re also fine, because he leans into that AND gets murdered. Something for everyone!

[Photos: Chelsea Lauren/Shutterstock]