It was a reasonably fun draft this year, full of trades and a couple surprises — thanks in large part to the Houston Texans, who kicked things off with some masterful draft chess that hopefully will pay off for them on the field. Last year it all about the trenches, until a run on receivers started with the 8th pick; a quarterback didn’t go until the 20th pick. This year, yes, one QB — poor old Will Levis from Kentucky — dropped like a stone down the board, but three others went in the first four picks. Here’s are my notes on the overall non-football aspects of the night:

1. The photo coverage of the clothes is suboptimal because, while I have seen photo proof of a red carpet, Getty Images did not appear to have access to it?!? That is bonkers to me. When was the last time the NFL ever decided to do LESS with photography and pageantry? Maybe they’re exclusive to print outlets and will roll in Friday morning, or something, and I’ll just be S.O.L. But I OBJECT. I need SHOES AND JACKETS ON FULL CLEAR DISPLAY, PLEASE.

2. A lot of people, outside the top nine (which I think was pure luck, honestly), didn’t come this year. (Last year was better, though the top pick DID ditch, which had to chafe.) Perhaps more players decided it wasn’t worth the risk of not getting picked, but they all still had cameras in their houses. Is being marooned in the Draft Room THAT much worse than having a crew in your living room, watching your ENTIRE family — and half your neighborhood and maybe some of your teachers and probably your dry cleaner — looking like they want to puke and cry at the same time? And now you’re going to have PTSD about your favorite couch?!? I guess the upside is not having to fake excitement for the other guys, but I do wish more players had been in the building. I wonder if it’s partly because they don’t make it a party celebrating the players in general, so you don’t get as many of them being like, “What the hell, maybe I’ll go even if I’m not picked on the first day.” It is built around superstars and a couple other dudes.

3. I would LOVE to be in a draft room of a mid-level team on NFL night. Not the top dog, whose pick you usually know within a percent of certainty for a few days before the draft. I want a team that has multiple needs and some trade leverage and plenty of opportunities to do some wheeling and dealing — like, to be a fly on the wall in Houston, damn, that would have ruled. Or Pittsburgh, when they scooped the Jets for the offensive lineman they wanted (added bonus: getting to hang out near Mike Tomlin). If any of you want an extra lump of flesh in there drinking all your Diet Coke and saying useful things like, “Okay but I HATE that guy, he had a great game against Notre Dame, DON’T HURT ME LIKE THIS,” then I am your lady.

[Photos: David Eulitt/Getty Images]