My little Clemson fan came in right before the Jacksonville Jaguars picked Trevor Lawrence, and he frowned and said, “Do we not like them?” I said, “We definitely don’t hate them.” He visibly relaxed. “So is this good?” he asked. My reply: “I mean they were the worst team in the league, technically.” He nodded and said, “Not anymore.” We shall see, tiny optimist. The NFL has done a decent job solving the problem it used to have of players getting calls on camera, typically 5 minutes before the team actually turned in its pick. But this draft still had two picks that were already essentially in the bag, so ESPN tried to create all this fanfare and excitement about the draft starting and then was like, “Of course we know what’s going to happen,” and then Jacksonville took its full time allotment. BORING.

I’ve decided they should handle the top three like a terrible gender reveal. Draw the order out of a hat, don’t tell them what the order IS, and collect what their picks would be. Then have someone shoot it out of a cannon, at which point it can explode and spell “TREVOR LAWRENCE TO JACKSONVILLE” in the sky in fireworks. I mean, that’s not so hard, right?!?

Herein: The folks who showed up, or at least were visible to our photo services. We’ve got greens, yellows, snazzy shoes, some pink, and homages to Playstation and Chadwick Boseman.

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