I was yammering on about the draft last night on Twitter — if you muted me, come back, it’s over! — but honestly, even without the sports, the clothing has become really interesting. Athletes were way ahead of the curve when it comes to an adventurous suit.

The top pick, Baker Mayfield, didn’t come. While he wore sweats and a Dawg Pound to get drafted first by Cleveland, here is what he wore the night before:

I have concerns about those shorts, sir. Specifically, I think you may have borrowed them from your father, who wore them in 1991. ** WAIT, never mind, apparently he’s recreating a Brett Favre draft photo, which actually makes me laugh really hard. POINTS TO YOU, BAKER.

Mayfield also wrote that he can’t wait to be “apart” of the Browns, which is a typo reflecting how most of the Browns’ current and former quarterbacks feel, as they flail and get replaced at record speed. He was also a latecomer to the No. 1 pick game: Analysts spent most of the offseason assuming they’d choose Sam Darnold from USC, but then suddenly Wyoming’s Josh Allen got hot, and then this week Baker took the lead — in a move that I am concerned is very Johnny Manziel 2.0. Baker had noteworthy attitude and restraint issues at Oklahoma, and has been making an online reality show about his draft experience, which already reinforces my concerns that he’s in this more to be a famous NFL player than to be an NFL player straight-up. The analysis on him was that he might be loose on mechanics but can improvise brilliantly, which also reminds me of Manziel. These are fun qualities in a college quarterback but usually lead to dysfunction in the pros, with a couple exceptions, and I think Cleveland could’ve stood to turn its back on sizzle for once in exchange for lower-key solid leadership. But what do I know! Even the people paid millions to do this get it horribly wrong.

Let’s scout the rest. Where possible, I grabbed a pic from the combine if the person didn’t attend. Just for fun.

[Photos: Eric Gay/AP/REX/Shutterstock]