At first, I debated whether I minded the vest layered over the dress.

I mean… it’s a look, as they say. The dress itself is pretty plain; maybe Liv was just trying to spice it up a little bit, or detract from the wrinkles, or be free to eat some passed hors d’oeuvres with maximum abdominal comfort. But it nagged at me — it all still seemed sort of shapeless and bland, even for a dress that was trying to give itself a menswear contact high. And then:

It’s PART of it. The whole thing is all sewn together. And instead of making me more interested, it just makes me sad. Because it wasn’t Liv getting creative to try and make the best of a weird situation; it WAS a weird situation. A weird, flappy, unflattering situation. Wearing The Situation would almost have been the better option.

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