The phrase “a sheer Victoria Beckham turtleneck dress over a bikini top and a pair of satin pants, also red leather driving gloves” truly reads like a Mad Lib. “A [adjective] [brand] [neckline] [item] over a [swimwear] and a pair of [fabric][bottoms], also [throw in a random accessory!!!]” She’s always fun and I love what a weirdo she is, sartorially, but this does also¬†look like a Mad Lib, to be totally honest. Who wears this to travel on a boat?

Tessa also wore the following Rodarte to the Festival’s opening cocktail party:

'Cinema Danieli - An Unforgettable Story' Inaugural Cocktail, 79th Venice International Film Festival, Italy - 30 Aug 2022

I kinda love it. And that bra top got to play a doubleheader!

[Photos: Johnny Dalla Libera/Shutterstock]